Fitter Partner Progam

Slide Fitter Partner Progam Fitter has a extensive partner program that allows you to deliver, build, and run employee wellness programs that transform people and organizations. Become a partner Find a Partner    Access Partner Portal   

Fitter Partner Program

Fitter partners combine technology and employee wellness expertise

Partnering with Fitter is a strategic choice to help your organization grow and create sustainable client relations. A large number of partners rely on Fitter for more streamlined employee wellness prorgrammes, healthier employees, and more data driven HR deparments. Our exclusive partner program combines our strengths with yours to create better long-lasting results in your employee wellness programs.

We’ve established partnership with best-of-breed technology partners

By carefully selecting the best technology available, we extend our platform to your clients pockets and wrists. Apply smart technology in your employee well being programs, without any hassle.

    Why partner with Fitter?

    The Fitter partnership community is all about support and recognition. Members have access to an exclusive team of account managers, marketing experts, industry specialists and more – all dedicated to your programmes growth and success. Together, we can enable our customers to modernize, automate and transform their employee wellness programmes.

    Looking for a partner?

    We work with excellent vetted, trained partners in order to implement Fitter in their clients employee wellness programmes. Contact us to find a suitable partner for you!